A Mom’s Secret Weapon

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Once again, major cuteness meets major hotness! Instead of falling prey to a fashion lull, new mom Meghan rebels with this wickedly stylish duo even baby adores. How you feel about yourself is inexorably linked to your self-image, and therefore, how you dress matters.
Hayden 2


(Featuring Hayden in Black Stripe)

Banish the temptation to grow lax about what you wear. Trust us, there’s a siren song seeking to entrap you in its dowdy clutches. Once it gets hold of you, you could end up losing your identity, self-worth, and self-confidence.

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Meghan has embraced the power of kika. She can get ready in minutes, look like a diva, and feel like she’s still in her pj’s. She knows that every figure-forgiving outfit will not only look fabulous but be totally child-friendly. kika takes the stress out of dressing–it’s a mom’s secret weapon.

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7 thoughts on “A Mom’s Secret Weapon

  1. I have the Anastasia maxi dress and I love it. I really like the fact that this one can be worn we a bra…. must have!

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