Kill Phil Vol. 2: Edie–the Chic Boyfriend Cardi

Edie BP 1

If my fellow countrymen’s sentiments are any indication, the Kill Phil movement is in full swing.  I blame this on the vile rodent’s prediction of interminable winter–it’s like being stuck in the movie Groundhog Day.   The upside is all the free time available for daydreaming about one’s wardrobe.   After serious contemplation, #2 on my “It-List” of spring must-have jackets is Edie, the chic boyfriend cardi.

I simply adore the combination of Flamingo and Ash.  Looking anything but bland, it’s the perfect melding of buttery soft neutrals that look positively edible!   If you dare to go bare,  bedazzle in kika’s Andrea tank dress, or, for the more sensible, slip into Skinny Pants and add kika’s Floral Sunset scarf layered beneath the hip Edie.

Edie BP 2

Perk up heavier hued garments with fresh, summery ones like Orchid or Flamingo for a budget friendly way to ride out this rollercoaster of a spring.  Get more mileage out of your Ash Edie by pairing it with one of these carefree looks for quick, pick-me-up styling.

(Shown Left:  Flamingo Karen & Ash Skinny Pants.  Center:  Ash Edie, Cream DeLisa & Black Ponte Bootcut Pants.  Right:  Orchid Priscilla & Ash Ankle Leggings)

Edie 1 (799x1024)

Trust me, make this is your go-to look.  The Flamingo Edie contrasts with the black Ponte Bootcut Pants, which in turn highlight the checked binding and buttoned placket, while the white Joyce‘s simplicity keeps you looking fresh and always at the ready.

Edie BP 4

For those of you in more moderate climates, shame on you!  I mean, how lucky for you.  I think you’ll find the Edie’s organic Cotton/Tencel fleeciness a more-than-willing ally for combating those springtime chills.  As for the rest of us, oh yeah, we broke out the sandals at the first hint of 40 degrees–snow or no snow!

(Shown Left:  Parrot Edie, Black Drew & Black Tamara; Right:  Parrot Edie, White Drew & White Tamara)


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