Rae of Sunshine–the Rx Your Wardrobe’s Been Craving


What better way to get through the bleakness of April showers and on to glorious May flowers than wrapped in a Rae of sunshine?  When a haze of gray threatens to dampen your mood, this jaunty little perk-me-up dress is just what the fashion doctor ordered.   Able to take you from cubicle to cocktails, dress to impress in these day-to-night looks perfect for an elevator makeover in 10 floors or less.

(Shown: Sunset Rae & Ash Mimi)

Rae BP 2 (1024x768)

Curve-friendly side panels wrap to the front, off-center, or even behind.  Made of an eco-friendly tri-blend fabric, its weight and transitional styling make it ideal for topsy-turvy weather, while nubby heathering provides subtle texturing and soft hues.

(Shown: Parrot Rae)

Rae BP 3 (1024x768)

With its leg baring appeal, a pair of barely there sandals and a statement necklace are all the accoutrements needed to transform a neutral sheath dress into sensuous perfection.

Rae BP 4 (1024x768)

A spoonful of sugar plum fairy helps the medicine go down in the most delicious way.  Try an irresistible dose of Orchid Rae and Black Capri Leggings for prescription strength fashion at its finest!



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11 thoughts on “Rae of Sunshine–the Rx Your Wardrobe’s Been Craving

  1. I just discovered your blog, I am really enjoying all of your posts. I have several kika pieces and I love them!

  2. Love Rae and can’t decide what color to get next! I wish I could see some photos with the dress tied in the back too. Also, one of my clients likes to tie hers in a rosebud because she doesn’t like the ends dangling.

  3. I ordered this dress custom dyed in Atlantis and can’t wait to get it! I got it slightly smaller so I can wear it a little higher on the waist wrapped snug over yoga pants. Not a look for everybody but that’s what I love about kika sizing and silhouettes– personalizable! (Yes–a made-up word that tongue ties– perhaps a kika-ism?)

  4. Love Rae…thanks for the blog with different looks and colors to see. I think Rae is a hit for spring summer!

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