Special Delivery: Dressing for Two


Don’t let dressing for two lead to baby bump blues.  You’d have to take a maternity leave of your senses to hide in the babydoll frocks and tent-like dresses of yesteryear. Nowadays, it’s chic to show off, and it only seems fair to expect your wardrobe to morph along with you.

kika:  Your maternal fashion solution.  We’ve chosen six fab-tastic, mommy-to-be looks geared to fashionably transition with you through each stage of pregnancy and beyond.


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Now:  Pamper yourself in our contemporary parrot and black striped tunic and skinny pants combo.  You’ll love how the lower-rise waistband rests comfortably under your tummy and the contrasting vertical stripes keep you feeling feminine.

Later:  Even without the adorable baby bulge, this look rocks year-round!  Add your favorite jacket or vest and heeled boots to switch things up come fall.

(Shown:  Parrot &  Black Striped Michaela tunic and Black Skinny Pants)

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Now:  Satisfy your craving for fashion with a new convertible, baby!  With its adjustable, foldover waistband and flattering chevron stripes, the Portia maxi epitomizes transition-wear.  It’s both a skirt and a dress that effortlessly adapt to you.

Later:  Perfect for the sleep-deprived Mom who wants to look fabulous but hasn’t the time or energy to divert for wardrobe planning.  Top it with your favorite jean jacket when the weather turns cool.

(Shown:  Ink and White striped Portia maxi and Ink Drew tank)

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Now:  Wrap you and baby in the supreme softness and forgiving stretch of Tencel jersey.  Brightly hued Orchid and a festive enamel necklace enhance your natural glow, while Darlene’s side shirring and flattering surplice neckline create a shapely silhouette.

Later:  Offering creative camouflage as you bounce back to your pre-baby body, Darlene is also perfectly suited for nursing mothers!

(Shown:  Orchid Darlene, Black Skinny Pants)

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Now:  Casual, uncomplicated, and decidedly chic–the “comfort food” of clothing.  Try out this look on the days you’re tempted to stay in your pajamas but know you’ll feel better if you don’t.

Later:  Two essential pieces that you can seamlessly work into your everyday wardrobe.  When you’re ready to showcase your post-baby waist, try wearing the Karen belted with a midi skirt like our Petra.

(Shown:  Atlantis Karen and Black Leggings)


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Every woman wants to know what to expect when she’s expecting, but life is full of surprises.  However, you can always count on kika for fashion-forward styling, loads of comfort, and volumes of versatility for every stage of your life.  We’re here for you as you revel in your ever-changing shape and embrace the miracle of life.

(Shown:  Sunset Rae tied to the back)

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21 thoughts on “Special Delivery: Dressing for Two

  1. I delivered my baby 6 months ago, I wish I had found your clothes earlier! Love all your stuff. I’m going to my 1st party March 20th I can’t wait!

  2. She looks gorgeous!! So glad that kika lasts forever, I can’t wait to wear my Rae when I’m pregnant. Still a few years away, but I know she’ll survive until then 😉

  3. OMG! So cute, I am so happy to see that I will be able to wear my kika when I get pregnant. I hope I look half as cute as this girl does!

  4. I absolutely loved having my kika clothes during my pregnancy! And I still wear the same pieces post baby! So comfortable and so good looking!

  5. It’s easy to get discouraged with your changing body during pregnancy. Having such cute and stylish clothes to wear can make all the difference in how you see yourself–which is remarkably beautiful!!!

  6. Love these looks while expecting. I wish I would have had beautiful, soft, organic and stylish clothes when I was expecting! Beautiful!

  7. Wow! These looks are amazing! Having one daughter pregnant and another who make take the plunge some time in the not too distant future, kika is so awesome. I have heard from several of their friends that they enjoyed all the features of kika throughout their pregnancies. So happy to see the photos, and this fantastic blog, so others can see how fabulous kika is as moms go through the different stages of body changes, during and after pregnancy. Thank you for this post kika! Love it!

  8. I’ve built up quite a Kika wardrobe over the last few years and am so pleased that I did not have to buy many maternity clothes. The Kika pieces were perfect “grow-with-me” clothes that stayed very comfortable and stylish. It’s now a week until my due date and I’ve already decided on one of my Kika dresses for my comfy but picture-worthy “coming home” outfit. Thank you, Kika!

    • Mary, Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your new baby. So happy to hear we could help make your pregnancy comfy!

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