What Do Stylish Moms Wear?

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One of the biggest dilemmas busy mothers face (beyond the everyday heroics of a supermom) can be as innocuous sounding as getting dressed. What could be so hard about that? Everything! Compounding the fact that bodies don’t naturally rebound to their svelte, pre-baby selves as quickly as imagined, are the seemingly conflicting desire for style AND the need for comfortable, washable, baby-friendly fabrics.

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(Orchid Kris tee & Ash striped Cameron Maxi)

We’ve had the pleasure of following the lovely Megan from preggo bombshell to enviably stylish new mom. With her keen eye for fashion, Megan learned early on that with kika clothing she could be both comfortable and practical without sacrificing an ounce of her trendsetting ways, even when in the land of Mommydom.

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kika was the perfect solution to satisfy Megan’s inherent style sense and need for high-quality, easy-care clothing that fit her increasingly busy lifestyle. Megan loves that her effortlessly chic kika wardrobe really is effortless to create, while baby loves how snuggly soft cuddling with mommy feels. kika–a Mom’s best friend!


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9 thoughts on “What Do Stylish Moms Wear?

  1. So happy I live in Florida! This outfit is perfect for our weather! Love this outfit, as a new mom this is so perfect for me.

  2. What a cute post! both mommy and baby are darling! It makes me want to have a baby! I love my kika. I think it is time to try your maxi skirt!

  3. I have this skirt in gray and white and I love it. I think I may need it in a color. The top is super cute too!

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